Board Certified EMDR Clinician

I have advanced training using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as a clinical tool.  EMDR is a well-researched and effective treatment option for trauma.  Sometimes trauma is from a specific event, other times it is due to a string of events throughout one's life.  EMDR was initially created to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but over the years it has been proven to help individuals who have experienced a variety of negative and painful life events..  

EMDR helps people process through painful emotions while addressing one's beliefs about themselves in context of a difficult single event or string of events in their lives.  EMDR can help you come to terms with issues from your family background, traumatic events you've face big or small, as well as current life stressors.  EMDR has been thoroughly researched and is considered one of the most thorough and efficient treatments particularly for anxiety, depression, traumatic grief and loss. 

EMDR therapy involves brief exposure to a difficult memory and simultaneous bilateral stimulation in the form of eye movements, sounds, or hand-held tappers. This therapy has been demonstrated in research studies to enhance our natural ability to recover from traumatic events

EMDR is a useful therapy for resolving negative self-beliefs.  In an EMDR therapy session, we start with a current issue and work toward resolving it by addressing old memories.  EMDR therapy lets you work on past difficult experiences without verbally revisiting every detail.  While it is not the right tool for everyone, it is a powerful therapy for many people.

Clinical Consultation

I am currently a Consultant Trainee.  I offer consultation to newly trained EMDR Therapists as well as consult EMDR therapists on their clinical cases.  I've recently worked as a facilitator at an EMDR training for therapists learning EMDR.

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I am passionate about EMDR and its potential to help people resolve issues.  I am available to answer any questions you might have about this tool,.